The idea behind the Handirack is to obtain an easier way to make changes or change equipment within your system. This product represents a different way to manage your system. By the way...My name is Scott Briggs and I Designed the Handirack. Like most cool products it was born out of necessity or absolute frustration,whichever it may be the Handirack completely changes how your sound system will be designed ,laid-out ,and installed. The Handirack is a standard 19" Electronic Equipment Rack that has been married to an outer mounting frame. The outer frame typically mounts to the furniture that would house the sound system, such as a Media System wall unit , Studio Recording Console, Closets, even into walls if you can have some depth.

Now the reason the Handirack makes everything easier is because the inner rack has 2 Hinge-Pins at the lower Left and Right Sides and a Handle at the top center allowing the Tech. or User to Open the entire Rack by Grabbing the rack handle at the top and pulling out, thus allowing the inner rack to "Lay-Down" and allow the Tech. or user to do all of the wiring neat and proper.

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